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“Whenever You Are Happy, You Don’t Have The Ego.”

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The fall of man is not because he has disobeyed God. The fall is because he thinks HE IS. The fall is because man thinks that he is a separate entity. This is foolish: you could not have existed if your parents were not there, and your parents’ parents, and their parents’ parents back… go to Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve had not existed you would not be here. So, you are connected with the whole past.   And Adam and Eve are just a myth. The past has no beginning – cannot have any beginning; the very idea of beginning is absurd. How can things suddenly begin? It is a beginning-less procession of events. You are connected with the whole past, and you are connected with the whole future too because without you the future will not be the same.

You may be nobody, but you will leave your mark. The whole future, the whole eternal future, will have a certain quality because you existed. Maybe you existed only for seventy years, and in those seventy years maybe you existed consciously only for seven seconds, but still, you will leave a mark: the whole will not be the same. If you had not been their things would have been completely different; things will now be totally different because you have existed. You will continue. You may not do anything special, anything big and great – just ordinary life – but still you will affect the whole destiny of existence. Past, future – you are connected: this is the dimension of time. And then in space, you are connected with everything. These trees, the sun, the moon, the stars… you are connected with everything.

If the sun goes out of existence or simply becomes cool, as one day it is bound to become because energy is being dissipated every day… A few scientists think that within four thousand years it will cool down – or forty thousand years, or four million years – that doesn’t matter, someday the sun will cool down. The moment the sun cools down, we will all cool down immediately. We will lose life because life needs warmth; so, the sun is continuously giving your life. And remember, in life, there is no process which is one-way – cannot be. There is give and take: all roads go both ways. If the sun is giving life to you, you must be giving life to the sun in some way or another. That is the meaning when Gurdjieff used to say to his disciples that the moon feeds on man. There is a possibility: you feed on animals, you feed on trees – everything is food for something – so why should the man be an exception?

Gurdjieff has some point there. Everything is food for something else, so why should the man be the only exception that is not food for anything? He is the eater of the whole existence – and he is not food for anything? That is not possible; things are linked. So, he invented a beautiful theory that man is food for the moon; the moon feeds on man, man’s consciousness. And it has some truth in it because the full-moon night drives people crazy. That’s why mad people are called lunatics LUNA means the moon – moonstruck; a lunatic is moonstruck. The ocean goes WILD. There is a possibility that man also goes wild on the full-moon night because ninety per cent of man is the ocean and nothing else. Ninety per cent of you is just ocean; you are made of ocean. Ninety per cent is water, and this water has the same salts as the ocean in exactly the same proportion. So, when the ocean goes wild, something must be happening in your body too, Ninety per cent is an ocean within you – something must be going wild. Poets say that they write beautiful poetry on the full-moon night; lovers say that something becomes tremendously romantic. And this is a well-established fact now that more people go mad on the full-moon night than on any other night. The least number goes mad on the no-moon night, and the greatest number goes mad on the full-moon night.

Maybe Gurdjieff has some point in it when he says that the moon feeds on your consciousness. It may be just fiction, but even fictions have some part of truth in them. And when a man like Gurdjieff creates a fiction, it HAS to have some truth in it. The whole is connected. We are eating, we are being eaten: from one side we take, to the other side we give. You eat the apple; one day, the apple tree will eat from your body, your body will become manure. When you are eating the apple, you may never have thought that your father or your grandfather may be in the apple and that you may be eating your grandmother or grandfather. And, someday, your children will eat you. Everything is connected. This connectedness is what is meant by the word ’Tao’: the connectedness, the interconnectedness, the interdependence of all. Nobody is separate, hence ego is absurd., Only the whole can say ’I’; the parts should not say ’I’. If they have to say, they should say it only as a linguistic formality, but they should not claim the ’I’. When you exist separately from existence you exist in misery because you become disconnected, and nobody else is responsible for it – it is you. When you are happy, watch what happens. Whenever you are happy, you don’t have the ego. In those moments of happiness, joy, bliss, suddenly the ego disappears – you are more melting into the whole; boundaries are less clear, boundaries are more blurred. When the boundaries are totally blurred as if the river has disappeared into the ocean when all boundaries are blurred and you are one, throbbing with the whole, there is happiness.

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