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All Other Religions Are More Male-Oriented

Tao says: When you are nothing you will become all. Dissolve and you will become whole. Claim that you are and you will be miserable. This Tao, this merging with the whole, this disappearing into the cosmos, cannot be taught. You can learn it, but it cannot be taught. So Lieh Tzu and other Taoist Masters don’t preach anything; they don’t have anything to preach. They talk in parables. You can listen to the story, and if you really listen, something… something will burst open in you. So, the whole thing depends on how you listen. Lieh Tzu himself was with his Master for many years, just sitting silently, not doing anything, just learning to be silent, learning to be passive, learning to be receptive, learning to be feminine – that is how one becomes a disciple. Let me tell you: there are no Masters, there are only disciples – because it cannot be taught, so how to say that there are Masters? Buddha cannot teach you, Lieh Tzu cannot teach you, so why call them Masters? But if there is a disciple, he learns. So, a Master is not one who teaches you, a Master is one in whose presence you can learn. Let the difference be known: A Master is not one who teaches you – because there is nothing to teach. a Master is one in whose presence it is possible to learn.

A seeker came to Jalaluddin Rumi, the Sufi mystic, and said Will you teach me? Will you teach me, Master?’ Jalaluddin looked at him and said ’Will you allow me to teach?’ The man said ’Why should I not allow you to teach? I have come to learn.’ Jalaluddin said ’Because that is the main thing – will you allow me to teach? Otherwise, I cannot teach, because in fact teaching is not possible, only learning is possible. If you allow, then the learning will flower.’ Lieh Tzu was with his Master for many years, just sitting silently, not doing anything, just becoming more and more passive. A day arrived when he was absolutely silent: there was not a ripple of thought in his being, not a wave. His energy was totally there, a reservoir, a placid lake with no waves, no wind blowing – and he understood. In a single moment, it happens. Truth is not a process; it is happening. It is not gradual; it needs no time to happen. If time is needed, the time is needed only for you because you cannot be silent right now. If you can be silent. it can happen right now. It happens always in silence. What happens in silence? When you are silent, you are not the boundaries dissolve, you are one with the total. Then what is the function of a Master? The function of the Master is JUST to be close to you so that you can have a taste of someone who has tasted the whole, so he can become a VIA MEDIA.

It is difficult for you to taste the whole because you are so full of the ego. Somebody who is egoless, in whom God is flowing easily, one who is glowing with God, streaming with his energy… just by the side of him, sitting silently, waiting, someday you are overflooded.

Let me tell you one Taoist story. A disciple of Lao Tzu said ’Master, I have arrived.’ Lao Tzu said ’If you say you have arrived. then it is certain that you have not arrived.’ The disciple waited for a few months, then one day he said ’You were right, Master. Now, it HAS ARRIVED.’ First, he had said ’I have arrived’. and the Master denied. And then after a few months, one day. suddenly he burst open, and he said ’It has arrived.’ Lao Tzu looked with tremendous compassion and love and patted his head. And he said Now it is right. Now, tell me what has happened. Now I would like to listen. What has happened?’ He said ’Up to that day when you said ’If you say you have arrived. then it is certain that you have not arrived” I was making effort. I was doing all that I could do, I was trying hard. The day you said” If you say you have arrived, then you have not arrived” it struck home. How could ’I’ arrive? because ’I’ is the barrier. So, I had to give way.’ It can arrive. and Taoists even call it ’It’. They don’t call it ’he’. they don’t call it ’she’, they don’t call It ’God the Father’, they don’t call it by any personal name they simply say ’it’. ’It’ is non-personal, it is the name of the whole: ’Tao’ means it. ’Tao has arrived’ he said ’and it came only when I was not there.’ Lao Tzu said ’Tell the other disciples the situation in which it happened.’ And he said ’The only thing that I can say is that I was not good, I was not bad, I was not a sinner, I was not a saint, I was not this, I was not that, I was not anybody in particular when it arrived. I was just a passivity, a tremendous passivity, just a door, an opening. I had not even invited it. Listen! I had not even invited it, because even the invitation would have gone with my signature. I had not even invited… In fact, I had completely forgotten about it. I was just sitting. I was not even seeking, searching, enquiring. I was not there. and suddenly it overflooded me.’ It happens that way. It can happen to you here if you just become more and more passive.

Tao is the way of the feminine. All other religions are aggressive, all other religions are more male-oriented; Tao is more female. And remember, the truth comes only when you are in a feminine state of consciousness – never otherwise. You cannot conquer the truth. That is foolish, silly even to think about, that you can conquer truth. The part conquering the whole! The part can only allow, the part can only be in a let-go. This let-go will happen if you can do one thing: stop clinging to knowledge, stop clinging to philosophies. stop clinging to doctrines, dogmas. Stop clinging to the churches and the organized religion, otherwise, you will have false conceptions. and those false conceptions won’t allow the truth to enter you.

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