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A Spiritual Orientation of Sex.

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
If a man buys manure, dirty and foul-smelling in itself, and piles it up on the street in front of his house, it will make...

Christ’s Famous Maxim,” Love Is God.”

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
a new man must be born! The soul of man is anxious to scale the heights, to reach the sky, to be enlightened like the...

Sex Is No Longer A Meditative Act

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
mankind’s biggest drawback has been its disinclination even to take the first step. And it aspires to reach the last! A man despises the first...

God Exists in The Act of Creation

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
One who has had a glimpse of samadhi in sex, however fleeting, will immediately know the difference between inside and outside, between freedom and imprisonment....