Don’t Divide The Creator And The Creation; That Division Is False.

THE FIRST SIGN OF A SEEKER IS THAT HE DROPS ALL DOGMAS. How can you seek with a belief inside you? You have already accepted a belief; without knowing the truth you have already arrived at a conclusion. A MIND FULL OF CONCLUSIONS IS INCAPABLE OF KNOWING. Only a mind that has not yet concluded is capable of knowing because that mind is receptive.

DROP YOUR KNOWLEDGEABILITY, drop your learning, drop all that you have gathered from others. And you need not go to search for God:… He comes. Only He is — to say ‘He comes’ is not right, because He is already here. He surrounds you; He is your within and your without. You breathe Him. Whenever you embrace anybody you embrace Him, whenever you love anybody you love Him. You may not recognize it, but all your love flows towards Him.

GOD IS NOT SEPARATE FROM EXISTENCE. But the philosophers and the theologians have given you the idea that God is the creator. God is not the creator, God is creativity. It is not that He created the world one day and finished it and then has been far away from resting. No, He is continuously creating it.

DON’T DIVIDE THE CREATOR AND THE CREATION; that division is false. There is no creator and there is no creation, there is only creativity. When a flower blooms it is God blooming again, when a bird sings it is God singing again when the sun rises it is God rising again when you open your eyes it is God opening His eyes again.

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Rajesh Ramdev Ram

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Rajesh Ramdev Ram

भारत की शिक्षा प्रणाली वही है, जो अंग्रेज सरकार ने भारत के मन पर थोपी है।

Rajesh Ramdev Ram

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