Man has to remember that the works of the intellect and reason are not the highest of creations of man. The higher creations come from the heart, in songs, in music, in poetry, in dances. Unless you can celebrate, what use is all scientific progress? And without a woman, there is no celebration.

You put a hundred men together and they will all be serious. Just bring in one woman and immediately all of their eyes will start sparkling. A man without a woman is half, and a woman without a man is half. They are part of one whole.
I did not say anything in favor of men, because men have done so much wrong to women that now it is better not to say anything about men’s talents and genius. It is better to bring out women’s genius and talents.
I know there are a few things which only men can do, and there a few things only women can do. And that makes life more beautiful and more attractive. Between these two polarities, life becomes a magnetic pull. Between these two polarities of man and woman many mysteries happen. The whole romance of life, the whole poetry of life is because of the polarity of man and woman.

My emphasis is to give respect to women- and equality is not against men. It is a world which belongs to you both and you both have to be together to make it as beautiful and as divine as possible – osho

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