There are two kinds of victories in the world: one is that which comes through desire, aggression, fight — the worldly victory.

One has to conflict with a thousand and one things, one has to prove one’s ego in many ways and one has to be really violent. One has to use all sorts of means, good and bad because the only goal is to be victorious; nothing else matters.

So the worldly victory is political: it depends on violence, it depends on destruction. It depends on others’ miseries. You cannot be victorious in the world without creating much misery around you, so it is ugly in a way.

The more a person becomes victorious, the more ugly he becomes, the more and more he loses his soul, the more and more he becomes a disaster, a calamity, a plague.

There is another kind of victory — the inner, the divine.

It comes not by desiring, not by fighting: it comes by surrendering… it comes by accepting one’s total helplessness. But it has a beauty because it does not depend on anybody’s misery; on the contrary, whenever somebody becomes victorious in this inner way the whole world becomes victorious in him…

Not only is he blessed, but the whole world is also blessed in his blessings. His celebration is the celebration of all. People may know, may not know, but even his presence, just his presence, is a great enhancement to human consciousness.

To become victorious in an inner way….

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