Love Is a Non-Bargaining Phenomenon. It Knows How To Give.

Find that passion again, that passionate search for God, as if nothing else matters. And in fact nothing else does matter; only God matters. Or you can say it the other way: that which really matters is God. Whatsoever it is, God is another name for that which really matters. But it can be found only with intense longing — such a longing that one is ready to sacrifice everything for it. Only love can do that because love is mad enough to do that. Logic cannot do it; logic is very cunning and clever and calculating. Logic is always bargaining, trying to give less and get more.

Love is a non-bargaining phenomenon. It knows how to give, it knows how to give without withholding anything. It knows how to give unconditionally, with no strings attached; it knows how to give totally and then forget all about it. It knows never to look back and never to repent because in the very giving one is so much blessed that who cares whether anything comes back in return or not? Very giving is the greatest joy possible.

Let God be your beloved from this moment. Search, seek, in every possible way. Not in some other world has God to be sought, but in this here and now, in the trees, in the rocks, in the people, in the birds, in the animals. God has to be searched in this moment, because there is no other moment than now, and there is no other space than here.

If God is, God is here now. If he is not here now, then he can never be anywhere else. God is this whole existence, this whole beautiful miracle of being. Be in love with it. Sing songs of love and joy. Dance as if you are dancing with God as a partner. He is always a partner with you; you may know, you may not know, but he is always your partner when you are dancing. He may not be with you when you are sad, but he is certainly with you when you are blissful. – Osho

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