A WISE MAN, AN INTELLIGENT MAN IS ALWAYS HUMBLE. Your question about WHY WE ARE SO READY TO CRITICIZE, TO COMPLAIN is very simple. The psychology behind it is that this is the simplest way, THE CHEAPEST WAY TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE SOMEBODY SPECIAL, THAT YOU KNOW MORE. But in fact, you are simply proving that you are the idiot of Turgenev and nobody else.

BE HUMBLE in the world of wisdom. BEFORE CRITICIZING ANYBODY, look into the fact from all directions, from all angles, from all possible viewpoints, and you will be surprised: THERE IS VERY LITTLE THAT CAN BE CRITICIZED OR COMPLAINED ABOUT. And if you pay that much attention, then whatever you criticize will be accepted, and accepted with gratitude because it is not to fulfill your ego; it is just to help the other person on the path. But you have to do so much work….

NOBODY IS INTERESTED IN PRAISING ANYBODY, in finding those qualities which everybody has… Nobody is ready to help those qualities grow; EVERYBODY IS AFRAID — if all are growing, what about him? His whole concern is that his ego should go on becoming bigger, and the easier way is to criticize everybody, to complain against everything: BE NEGATIVE, MAKE NEGATIVITY YOUR VERY APPROACH. And for this you DON’T need intelligence, ANY IDIOT CAN DO IT.

BUT TO BE REALLY CRITICAL, ONE HAS TO BE VERY COMPASSIONATE, VERY LOVING. And one has to be ready to devote time and energy and intelligence. Then it is not a criticism, then it is not inimical, it is not antagonistic; it is a friendly suggestion, a sympathetic approach.

Everyone here should LEARN TO BE SYMPATHETIC. Your meditation should help you NOT TO CRITICIZE BUT TO APPRECIATE. And if you are intelligent enough, you can appreciate in such a way that whatever you wanted to criticize will be understood without being said. -Osho

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