REMEMBER ALL THOSE WHO HAVE ATTAINED BEFORE YOU. Cherish their memory. That will help you on the way. There will be many moments when suspicion will arise, doubts will arise; THERE WILL BE LONG LONG DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL… when you will feel utterly lost, when you will start thinking of going back and being just the ordinary person you had been before. In those moments, REVERE THE MEMORY OF THE BUDDHAS, revere the memory OF ALL THOSE GREAT HEROES who have attained to truth.

In Pythagoras’ language, THE HERO MEANS ONE WHO HAS BECOME ENLIGHTENED, who has attained the truth.

THE ONLY HEROIC DEED IN LIFE IS TO BECOME REALIZED; all else is very ordinary. You can become very famous — it is very easy. You can have political power — it does not need much intelligence. You can earn money — you have only to be a little cunning and calculative. These are not great things.

THE ONLY GREAT THING that makes a life great and sublime IS TO KNOW TRUTH, IS TO KNOW GOD, is to BE Truth, is to BE God.

But the journey is very alone.


…of Buddha, of LaoTzu, of Krishna, of Christ, of Moses, of Mohammed, of Mahavira. REMEMBER! That’s why I am talking on so many masters… so you can remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THE PATH. Many have succeeded before you… You will also succeed.

If so many have succeeded, why not you? Many have preceded you and reached. YOU ARE NOT MOVING ALONE… many are ahead of you. It is a LONG procession of truth-seekers. You are part of a great chain. You may be a small drop, but YOU ARE PART OF A GREAT RIVER — THE RIVER OF BUDDHAS, of all the enlightened people of the world.

That’s why I am talking about so many enlightened people: TO GIVE YOU COURAGE, TO GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE; to give you the sense that you are in a great chain — part of a golden chain — and you are not moving alone. There is no need to be afraid: YOU CANNOT BE LOST!


One who attains to God becomes a demi-god, becomes a god himself. One who has known Him has become Him. CHERISH THE MEMORY… Remind yourself.


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