YOU ARE MISSING THE DIVINE not for very great causes — no!… The cause of man’s illness is simply because he is addicted to small things.
THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD ARE VERY SMALL. Even if you get a kingdom, what is it? A very small thing. WHERE ARE THE KINGDOMS THAT EXISTED IN HISTORY? Where is Babylon? Where is Assyria? Where is the kingdom of Pharaoh? They all disappeared, just ruins — and the kingdoms were great. BUT WHAT WAS ATTAINED BY THEM? What did Genghis Khan attain? What did Alexander attain? All kingdoms are just trivial things.
And you don’t know what you are missing — YOU ARE MISSING THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Even if you become successful, what will you get through it? Where will you get through it?

LOOK AT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, diagnose them: where have they reached? Look at people who sit on thrones of success: where have they reached? THEY ARE ALSO IN SEARCH OF MENTAL PEACE — more than you. They are also afraid of death and trembling, just like you.
If you look at your successful people minutely, you will find that those ‘gods’ also have clay feet. Death will take them, and with death, all success disappears, all fame disappears. The whole thing seems to be a nightmare: SO MUCH EFFORT, SO MUCH MISERY, SO MUCH HARDSHIP — AND NOTHING IS GAINED. In the end, death comes and everything disappears like a bubble. And because of this bubble, THAT WHICH IS ETERNAL IS LOST. – OSHO

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