God Has Become The Only Problem Which Cannot Be Solved.

God is simply a problem which idiots have invented thinking that He will solve all your problems.

God has become the only problem which cannot be solved. Whatsoever you do with Him, He remains a question mark — unnecessarily.

I simply want to cut the very root:
THERE IS NO GOD….There is no creation. There is no play going on.

EXISTENCE IS ENOUGH UNTO ITSELF; it does not need any outside agency. It has its own energy, it has its own intelligence, it has its own life.

Existence needs no hypothetical God. And God doesn’t help anything.

Remember one fundamental principle of all sane thinking: DON’T BRING IN A HYPOTHESIS WHICH DOESN’T HELP TO SOLVE ANYTHING. On the contrary, because of the hypothesis, a thousand other problems start arising. A hypothesis is brought in to solve problems, not to increase them.

GOD IS THE MOST USELESS HYPOTHESIS ever propounded by man. Because of Him, there has been so much trouble, so many crusades, so many butcherings, so many people slaughtered, so many women raped — in the name of God. Please just flush Him down the toilet.

Forget about God.
Existence is enough unto itself
That’s what I teach.

And then we cannot throw the responsibility on anybody’s head: there is no God, THEN THE WHOLE RESPONSIBILITY FALLS ON US. That is my hidden desire.

Why am I throwing God down the toilet?
Because I want a man to understand that he is responsible. Because man has the highest consciousness in the whole of existence, you should accept the greatest responsibility.
Stars, trees, animals, birds are far below you; you cannot throw the responsibility on them.

TO BE CONSCIOUS MEANS you are mature enough now to accept all responsibility for yourself and for the existence that surrounds you. Then the explosion in the gas factory in Bhopal is our responsibility. It was some stupid people there who were not careful enough; it was carelessness. And I would not like these people to be punished in hell — no, there is no hell — they should be punished here now so such an accident does not happen again. There are thousands of similar factories around the world: if it can happen in one factory it can happen in any factory. And this was only a poisonous gas. Now there are nuclear plants: just one man’s carelessness and the world can be finished.

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