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Love Forgives, Love Knows How to Forgive.

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Tao says that man has an indiscriminate consciousness. You cannot call it ’the conscious’, you cannot call it ’the unconscious’, you cannot call it ’the subconscious’, because these divisions are really fabricated, man-made. When a child is born he has no unconscious, he has no conscious he is indiscriminate, he is one. But immediately we start educating him, immediately we start training him: Be like this and don’t be like that; so whatsoever we deny, he has to reject. Those rejected parts go on piling up inside him and if he has to look at them it hurts – they are his own rejected parts – as if you had cut his limbs; it is painful to look at them, it is better to forget them. To forget seems to be the only way, and when you forget something that is inside you, the unconscious is created. The unconscious disappears when you again become spontaneous like a child. The whole teaching of Tao is to be again as a child. It means to undo all that the society has done to you; it means to destroy, to dismantle, the structure that society has put around you; to claim your freedom again which is your birth-right; to be radically transformed; to go beyond the structure of the society, to go above. To go to nature against nurture: that’s what the message of Tao is.

There is no discipline in Tao  – Tao is not Yoga.   Tao is just the diametrically opposite standpoint to Yoga. If Patanjali and Lao Tzu met, they would not be able to understand each other  – impossible; Patanjali would talk about discipline. If Patanjali met Confucius, they would become friends immediately; Confucius also talks about discipline, control, character. Lao Tzu talks about characterlessness.  Remember the word ’characterlessness’ because Lao Tzu says that the real man has no character – cannot have a character; character means something of the past. A real man lives in the moment. He does not live through the past, he has no ideas to live – he simply lives, he responds to the present moment. And he has no scriptures to follow, no moralities to follow, he has no commandments. His only attitude is that of spontaneous responsibility: whatsoever is facing him, he responds to totally, he responds fully.

A man of character can never respond fully. He has ideas, he has to do things in a certain way. Before the situation arises he has already decided how to act, he has rehearsed. The man of Tao lives without rehearsal; he never manages,  he never jumps ahead.  Let the moment come and he is there to reflect it – whatsoever is needed will come out of his being. He trusts nature: his trust is absolute, utterly absolute. The man of character does not trust nature. He says ’I should cultivate good character, otherwise in a certain situation I may behave in a bad way.’ He does not trust himself.  Look at the absurdity:  he does not trust himself and HE is going to cultivate and HE is going to manage… and he does not trust himself. His self-distrust is there so he becomes a pseudo person, then he loses authenticity. He smiles because he has to smile, he loves because he has to love, he behaves in a certain way because that is how one should behave – but all false. Nothing comes from his heart, nothing flows through his heart, nothing has the touch of his being; everything is just managed. Naturally, he lives a very pseudo-life: his love is not alive, his smile is painted, his gestures are all impotent, meaningless. He manages – that’s all, but he never lives.

Tao has no discipline.  It does not trust in character,  it trusts in being,  in your nature.  And there is no effort because all effort is going to create trouble. Effort means conflict, effort means imposing something, effort means that you are at war with yourself. Tao trusts in effortlessness.  Jesus says to his disciples: Look at the lilies in the field, they toil not, they labour not. They don’t plan for the tomorrow yet they are tremendously beautiful. Even Solomon was not so beautiful when he was attired in all his beautiful dresses and diamonds and ornaments. Even then he was not as beautiful as these lilies in the field. What is the secret of the lilies in the field? They live naturally, they bloom naturally: there is no effort, ’they toil not’.

Jesus must have got this message from some Taoist source. There are stories that he travelled to India. there are stories that he even travelled to Japan. There is a place in Japan which people say that he came to. There are stories that he travelled to Tibet.  If he had travelled to Japan and Tibet he must have come to know something, something about Tao; he must have gathered something. Maybe he never went to Japan and never went to Tibet, maybe it was his own experience he came upon in his own inner search,  but he is a Taoist  – Jesus can be counted upon.  He is a Taoist, hence the Jews could not trust in him. They are fundamentally a law-abiding people, they have lived according to law: the Ten Commandments of Moses. And Jesus says: Moses has given you law.

I will give you another law and a higher law – the law of love.  But love knows no law – he is tricky love is always lawlessness. But to convince the Jews, the law-abiding people, he is saying: I will give you the law of love. Law of love? It is a contradiction in terms: the law is never loving, love is never law-abiding – cannot be. Love is freedom, the law is bondage – they never go together, it is impossible to put them together. Jesus has brought love and he has brought lawlessness, that’s why the Jews could not forgive him. He had to be punished: he was disrupting the whole society. He was dangerous, he was really dangerous – very few people have been born on the earth who have been so dangerous. He was sabotaging the whole structure when he said ’God is Love’; and the God of the Jews never loved. He was a very angry God and a very jealous God, and he would destroy you for small things if you didn’t abide by his commandments. He threw Adam and Eve out of Eden because they disobeyed.

Love forgives, love knows how to forgive. Love loves so much that it is impossible to be so angry and enraged. The God of the Jews was destroying cities for small things – because the people were characterless or they were homosexuals. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He destroyed whole towns. He flooded the whole world! He wanted to destroy the whole world. He cannot be very loving; he may be just,  but he is not loving.  And how can justice be love?  Justice has to be justice.  Love is a totally different dimension. The Jews became afraid. Jesus was bringing spontaneity, he was bringing lawlessness and he was bringing rebelliousness, and in such disguise that people would not even be aware of what he was bringing in.

If people are against me in India it is natural: my whole message is sabotage. Jesus says: I don’t bring peace, I bring a sword. And Jesus says:  I have come to put the son against the father, and the husband against the wife, and the mother against the son. and the brother against the brother. What does he mean? These relationships, these so-called ’relationships’, are no longer of love; they are only formal. Jesus says: Only love is enough, anything else is going to destroy your naturalness. Love your mother – not because she is your mother; love her, let there be love, but not because she is your mother. How can you love a woman just because she is your mother? How can you love a woman just because she is your sister? You can fulfil duties but duties are ugly. ’Duty’ is an ugly four-letter word – avoid it! It has destroyed nature, it has destroyed humanity, it has not allowed man to flower and bloom.

No, there is no discipline and there is no effort in Tao, there is only understanding.  Remember, let me repeat it: there is only understanding. Effort means you have not understood rightly – that’s why you have to make effort. If I say ’Love is enough’ and you understand me, will you make any effort? That very understanding will bring a change.  Understanding is a revolution.  If you understand,  love is enough.  If you understand that the lilies in the field are beautiful,  if you understand what beauty is – to be natural is to be beautiful – are you going to make any effort to attain this beauty? How can you be natural through effort? To be natural you have to drop all effort. And will you try to drop your effort through some effort? Then you will be getting into the same trap again. It is not going to change you.

Just see the fact. Just see the fact and let the fact be there. Let it penetrate into your heart, let it sink in and you will see that the very understanding of the fact has transformed you. Suddenly you see that you are a totally different man, the old man is gone and the new is born – there was no effort.

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