If You Don’t Give At All You Will Lose Your Natural Qualities.

Love is existential; fear is only the absence of love. And the problem with any absence is that you cannot do anything directly about it. Fear is like darkness. What can you do about darkness directly? You cannot drop it, you cannot throw it out, you cannot bring it in. There is no way to relate with darkness without bringing light in. The way to darkness goes via light. If you want darkness, put the light off; if you don’t want darkness, put the light on. But you will have to do something with light, not with darkness at all. The same is true about love and fear: love is light, fear is darkness. The person who becomes obsessed with fear will never be able to resolve the problem.

It is like wrestling with darkness: you are bound to be exhausted sooner or later, tired and defeated. And the miracle is, defeated by something which is not there at all! And when one is defeated, one certainly feels how powerful the darkness is, how powerful the fear is, how powerful the ignorance is, how powerful the unconscious is. They are not powerful at all, they don’t exist in the first place. Never fight with the non-existential. That’s where all the ancient religions got lost. Once you start fighting with the non-existential you are doomed. Your small river of consciousness will be lost in the non-existential desert, and it is infinite. So don’t make a problem out of fear. Love is the question. Something can be done about love immediately; there is no need to wait or postpone.
Start loving!

And it is a natural gift from existence to you, or from God, or from the whole, whichever term you like. If you are brought up in a religious way, then God; if you are not brought up in a religious way, then the whole, the universe, existence. Remember, love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality. All that is needed is to give it a way – to make a passage for it, to let it flow, to allow it to happen. We are all blocking it, holding it back. We are so miserly about love, for the simple reason that we have been taught certain economics. That economics is perfectly right about the outside world: if you have just so much money and you go on giving that money to people, soon you will be a beggar. By just giving away money you will lose it. This economics, this arithmetic has entered into our blood, bones, and marrow. It is true about the outside world, and nothing is wrong in it, but it is not true about the inner journey.

There, a totally different arithmetic functions: the more you give, the more you have; the less you give, the less you have. If you don’t give at all you will lose your natural qualities. They will become stagnant, closed; they will go underground. Finding no means of expression they will shrink and die. It is like a musician: if he goes on playing on his guitar or on his flute, more and more music will come. It is not that by playing on the flute he is losing music – he is gaining. It is like a dancer: the more you dance, the more skillful you become. It is like painting: the more you paint, the better the paintings you create.

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Rajesh Ramdev Ram

भारत की शिक्षा प्रणाली वही है, जो अंग्रेज सरकार ने भारत के मन पर थोपी है।

Rajesh Ramdev Ram

“Sitting Silently, Doing Nothing, The Spring Comes and The Grass Grows by Itself.”

Rajesh Ramdev Ram

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