If the Young Generation Moves Deeper and Deeper in Love, Wars Will Disappear.

The society does not allow love because if a person is really in deep love he cannot be manipulated. You cannot send him to war; he will say: I am so happy! Where are you sending me? And why should I go and kill strangers who may be happy in their home? And we have no conflict, no clash of interests…

“If the young generation. moves deeper and deeper in love, wars will disappear because you will not be able to find enough mad people to go to the war. If you love, you have tasted something of life; you would not like death and killing people. When you don’t love you have not tasted something of life; you love death.

“Fear kills, wants to kill. Fear is destructive, love is creative energy. When you love you would like to create – you may like to sing a song, or paint, or create poetry, but you would not take a bayonet, or an atom bomb, and go rushing off madly to kill people who are absolutely unknown to you, who have done nothing; who are as unknown to you as you are unknown to them.

“The world will drop wars only when love enters into the world again. Politicians don’t want you to love, the society does not want you to love, the family doesn’t allow you to love: they all want to control your love energy because that is the only energy there is. That’s why there is fear.

“If you understand me well drop all fears and love more and love unconditionally – and don’t think that you are doing something for the other when you love, you are doing something for yourself. When you love it is beneficial to you. So don’t wait; don’t say that when others love, you will love – that is not the point at all.

“Be selfish. Love is selfish. Love people – you will be fulfilled through it, you will be getting more and more blessedness through it.

“And when love goes deeper fear disappears; love is the light, fear is darkness.”

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