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“We Never Pay Any Attention To This Important Phenomenon.”

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A man may have driven a car for a thousand miles, but it does not necessarily follow that he knows anything about the engine. He might ridicule my statement, saying he had just driven a thousand miles, but I still venture to make the accusation that he knows nothing about the car. I repeat, driving a car is different from knowing the internal mechanism. A man presses a switch and there is light.  He presses it again and the light goes off.  He has done it innumerable times. He can say that he knows all about electricity because he can switch it on or off at will, and we will say that he is a fool, that even a child can turn a switch on and off, that no knowledge of electricity is necessary.

Anybody can marry. Anybody can produce children. It has nothing to do with an understanding of sex. Animals procreate, but it does not mean they know anything about sex. The truth of the matter is that sex has not been studied scientifically.  No philosophy or science of sex has developed because everyone believed he knew about sex. No one has seen the need for a scripture of sex. This is a very grave mistake by mankind. The day we fully develop a scripture, a science, a complete system of thought on sex, we will produce a new race of humans. Then, there won’t be the product of such ugly, insipid, lame and feeble human beings. Sick, weak, dull men won’t be seen any more on this earth. It isn’t at all necessary to continue producing the present kind of generation, a generation born out of sin and guilt. But we are not aware of this. We are in the habit of switching the light on and off and have concluded we know everything about electricity. Even at the end of his lifetime, a man does not come to know what sex is. He knows only” on” and” off” – and nothing more.

We never go deep into the subject of sex, never reflect upon the practice of sex, never try to get to the bottom of it, never meditate on it – because of the delusion that we know everything there is to know about it. When everybody already knows everything, what need is there to consider the subject? And in the same breath, I wish to tell you that there is no deeper mystery, no deeper secret, no deeper subject than sex – in this world and in life itself. We only learned about the atom recently, and the world has undergone a tremendous change. But when we succeed in knowing the atom of sex fully, mankind will enter a new era of wisdom. It is impossible to predict the enormity, the greatness of the heights we may reach when we fathom the process and technique of the creation of life. But one thing can be stated for certain: sex is the most mysterious, most profound, most precious and, at the same time, the most accursed subject;  and we are in total darkness about it. We never pay any attention to this important phenomenon. A man goes through the routine of coitus throughout his life, but he does not know what it is.

In the first place, man is not born with foreknowledge of the science of sex. Rare are those persons who, retaining the impressions of many past lives, are able to understand fully the art of sex, the strategy of sex or the knowledge of the intricacies of sex. These are souls who can attain to the stage of real celibacy.   To a person who knows the complete reality of sex,  the full implications of sex, sex becomes useless. He simply passes through it; he transcends it. But it is not in our tradition to discuss sex with those who have already attained transcendence. Besides, those who have attained the purity of celibacy can tell of their previous births and lives only after enormous effort.

Only a perfect celibate can reveal the perfect truth about sex and divinity.   The sensualists do not comprehend any of the subtleties and, because of their ignorance, their lives are engulfed in sexuality until the end. Animals have a schedule for intercourse as I told you earlier; they have a season. Animals wait for the mood, for the disposition, but man has no definite time for it. Why is this? It is because the animal exists at a deeper layer of sex than a man. Those who have researched sex, who have gone deeply into it, who have meditated upon life’s manifold experiences, have deduced that if coitus only lasts for one minute a man will desire it again on the next day, but if it can be prolonged for three minutes he will not think of sex for a week to come. Furthermore, they have observed that if coitus can be prolonged for seven minutes,  a man will be so free of sex that no thought of passion will arise in him for the next three months.  And if the period of coitus can be extended to three hours, a man will be free of sex forever; he will never desire it again!

But man’s experience is generally of a moment’s duration;  it is difficult even to imagine a period of three hours.  However,  I reiterate:  if a person can remain in the coital position,  can remain in that samadhi, in that submergence for three hours, then one single act of intercourse is enough to free him from sex for the rest of his life.  It leaves behind such an experience of contentment, such an experience of bliss, that it lasts a lifetime. After perfect coitus, there remains no barrier to the attainment of real celibacy. Even after a lifetime of sexual experience we never reach anywhere near that supreme stage, near that divinity. Why? A man reaches a ripe old age, comes to the end of his life, but he is never free from his lust for sex, from his passion for intercourse. Why? It is because he has never understood nor been told about the art of sex, about the science of sex. He has never considered it; he has never discussed it with the enlightened ones.

You may be skeptical that an experience that is usually of a moment’s duration can be prolonged for three hours, so I will give you certain pointers. If you heed them, the journey to celibacy will become simpler. The faster one’s breathing is, the shorter the duration of intercourse; the calmer and slower one’s breathing is, the more it is prolonged. And the longer intercourse lasts, the more possibility there is of making sex a door to samadhi, a channel to super consciousness. As I said earlier, the realization of egolessness, of timelessness, dawns upon man in that sex-samadhi. The breathing should be very slow. The slowness of breath will open deeper and deeper vistas of realization.

Another thing to remember during the act of intercourse is that your awareness should be focused between the eyes,  in the seat of the Agni chakra.  If the attention is focused there,  the duration of the climax can be drawn out – even up to three hours.  And such an act of coitus can firmly root a person in the soil of celibacy – not only for this life but for the next life also.   A lady writes to say that Vinoba is celibate, and asks if I, therefore, don’t agree that he has probably never had an experience of samadhi. She continues to say that since I am also celibate and unmarried, that I may not have had the experience of samadhi either. If that lady is present here I wish to tell her that neither Vinoba, nor me, nor anybody else for that matter, can realize the stage and the significance of celibacy without the real experience of sex. I also want to tell her that the experience may be of this life, or it may be of a past life. One who attains to celibacy in this life owes it to a deep coital union in a previous life and not to anything else. This is the only explanation. If a man has had a profound experience of sex in a previous life, he will be born free of sex in this life; sex will not disturb him, even in his imagination. On the contrary, he will be surprised at how other people behave about sex; he will be amazed that people are so mad about sex. Such a man will even have to exert himself to distinguish between a man and a woman.

If a person imagines he can simply be a celibate from his childhood, that he can be a celibate without any experience of sex,  he will become neurotic.   Those who are always harping on celibacy,   who shout about observing celibacy, are causing the disintegration of man. Nothing more than disintegration can come from this. Celibacy cannot be imposed; celibacy evolves only as of the cream of inner experience. Brahmacharya, celibacy, is the result of a serene and profound experience –  and that experience is of sex. If during sex one has had an absolute revelation, even once, he is released from sex for the unending journey of lives.

So far, I have discussed two factors for attaining that absolute experience:  one’s breathing should be shallow, so shallow that it is almost not there at all, and one’s awareness should be focused on the Agni chakra, on the midpoint between the eyes. The more one’s awareness is focused on this center, the more profound the intercourse will automatically be. And the duration of coitus will be in direct proportion to the slowness of the breathing. And then, for the first time,  you will realize that the attraction is not for intercourse as such; the magnetic pull is that of samadhi. If you can scale those heights, if you can glimpse that brilliance, it will illuminate your future path. – OSHO

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