Men and Women Are Not Naturally Made to Live Their Whole Life Together.

It is true that people’s lives are loveless. They don’t have any joy in their work. They are bored, they don’t feel any meaning in their life. They are just running like robots. Their cities are no longer places of beauty, and nature has been destroyed very deeply.

All these things together come to one point, the central point; and that is that the people have depended too much on people who have power. It has been almost a kind of slavery. It is time to revolt and throw out these people who have power, and to destroy the whole system of power. There is no need for them because they are not doing anything except destroying more and more qualities which make life worth living.

Secondly, people have to understand that the people they have been thinking are wise are not so. In fact, most of their misery is because of those “wise” people and the powerful people; they both need to be overthrown. The common man has to assert himself and common sense has to prevail. It does not need great wisdom, it only needs common sense.

For example, people’s lives are loveless — there is no need to ask any wise man why because they are the people who have made it loveless. Just common insight is enough. Men and women are not naturally made to live their whole life together. It is not only a question of men and women; it is that the same thing continuously repeated creates boredom — the same husband, the same wife, the same quarrel, the same argument, the same tantrum — exactly the same! It goes on being repeated again and again. It destroys the very possibility of love. Instead, it creates boredom — it has created it.

The common-sense thing is that there should be no marriage and there should be no divorce. Any two persons loving each other can live together, that is their private affair — nothing to do with society, nothing to do with the state. The law should not come between them.

There should be no promises except that, “We will love each other as long as existence allows it. The moment we feel that love has left — that it is no longer there connecting us, no longer there nourishing us — we have to part quickly before it becomes bitterness, a quarrel. And we have to depart in gratitude, with all our heart’s blessings full for the other — that she or he will find a better man or a better woman.” And boredom will disappear; life will become a series of excitements. – osho

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