Money Alone is Not Richness. Richness is Multidimensional.

Celebration is the very nature of existence. Don’t separate yourself from existence; otherwise, you will be miserable. You cannot be nourished, you cannot eat The Bible and the Koran and the Gita. They will not nourish your body, they will kill you. If they cannot nourish even your body, how can they nourish your consciousness?

There is only one nourishment: your roots have to be deep down in existence. There is no other nourishment. And if you are nourished… I say, “Blessed are the nourished. Blessed are those whose roots go deep into existence. They are the richest people.” Richness does not mean only money. I am not against money; it is a perfectly good servant for exchanging things. But money alone is not richness. Richness is multidimensional. It happens when you are in tune with nature, in harmony with nature; it starts happening multidimensionally.

You may not be aware of what will happen to you if you destroy your conditionings of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and simply rely on and trust in nature. If your consciousness also trusts nature just the way your body remains trusting towards nature….

You don’t know what treasures you have got. Once there is nourishment you will start blossoming. You may not know that you can become a painter, you may not know you can become a dancer. You may be a Picasso, you may be a Nijinsky, you may be a Van Gogh, you may be a Rutherford.

You don’t know who you are. You will know only when you blossom; there is no other way to know. And blossoming happens only in harmony with nature. Your roots should go not towards any church, not towards any scripture, not towards any dead prophets, but towards the nature that is available to you. Just be natural. Drop all sense of guilt. The guilt arises only because your conditioning says, “Don’t do this” and your nature is hungry to do it.

Now you are split. Your religion, your Jesuses, your Muhammads say, “Don’t do this, this is wrong.” Those Ten Commandments, three thousand years old — they are still dominating you. Why are you degrading yourself? Those Ten Commandments say, “Don’t do this, this is sin. You will suffer in hell” — and your whole nature wants to do it. Listen to your nature, not to your conditionings, and celebration will happen on its own accord. Have you seen any tree miserable? Have you seen any bird miserable? They are in harmony.

Fortunately, they don’t have priests, popes, Shankaracharya as, imams. If the trees had popes and imams and Shankaracharyas, then all the trees would stop flowering, would not come to fruition. They would somehow survive — only survive. Survival is not life! Survival is the minimum. You must be overflowing, you must be so full that you can share, and still your fullness remains full. That’s what the meaning of celebration is. – Osho

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