Religion and culture pour poison against sex into the mind of man.

Have you never realized that the blooming of a flower is an expression of passion, that it is a sexual act? A peacock dances in full glory: a poet will sing a song to it; a saint will also be filled with joy – but aren’t they aware that the dance is also an overt expression of passion, that it is primarily a sexual act? For whose pleasure does the peacock dance? The peacock is calling its beloved, its spouse. Papiha is singing; the cuckoo is singing: a boy has become an adolescent; a girl is growing into a woman. What is all this? What play, what leela is this? These are all the indicators of love, of sexual energy. These manifestations of love are the transformed expressions of sex – bubbling with energy, acknowledging sex. Throughout one’s whole life all acts of love, all attitudes and urges of love, are flowerings of primary sex energy.

Religion and culture pour poison against sex into the mind of man. They create conflict, war; they engage man in battle against his own primary energy – and so man has become weak, gross, coarse, devoid of love and full of nothingness. Not enmity, but friendships to be made with sex. Sex should be elevated to purer heights. While blessing a newlywed couple, a sage said to the bride,” May you be the mother of ten children and, ultimately, may your husband become your eleventh child.”

If passion is transformed, the wife can become the mother; if lust is transcended, sex can become love. Only sex energy can flower into the force of love. But we have filled man with antagonism towards sex and the result is that love has not flowered. What comes later, the form-to-come, can only be made possible by the acceptance of sex. The stream of love cannot break through because of the strong opposition. Sex, on the other hand, keeps churning inside, and the consciousness of man is muddled with sexuality.

Man’s consciousness is becoming more and more sexual. Our songs, poems, paintings, and virtually all the figures in our temples are centered around sex – because our minds also revolve around the axis of sex. No animal in the world is as sexual as man. Man is sexual everywhere – awake or asleep, in his manners as well as in his etiquette. Every moment man is haunted by sex.

Because of this enmity towards sex, because of this opposition and suppression, man is decaying from inside. He can never free himself from something that is the very root of his life, and because of this constant inner conflict his entire being has become neurotic. He is sick. This perverted sexuality that is so evident in mankind is the fault of his so-called leaders and saints; they are to blame for it. Until man frees himself from such teachers, moralizers and religious leaders, and from their phony sermons, the possibility of love surfacing in him is nil. Because of condemnation, sex has become an obsession, a disease, a perversion. It has become poisoned.

From an early age child are taught that sex is sin. A girl grows and a boy grows; adolescence comes, and they are married – then a journey into passion commences in the set conviction that sex is sin. In India the girl is also told her husband is God. How can she revere as God someone who takes her in sin? The boy is told,” This is your wife, your partner, your mate.” The scriptures say that woman is the gate to hell, a well of sin, and now the boy feels he has a living demon as his life’s partner. The boy thinks,” Is this my better half – a hell-bound, sin-oriented better half?” How can any harmony happen in his life?

Traditional teachings have destroyed the marital life of the whole world. When married life is full of prejudice, full of poison, there is no possibility for love. If a husband and wife cannot love each other freely, basically and naturally, then who can love whom? But this disturbing situation can be rectified; this muddled love can be purified. This love can be elevated to such lofty heights that it will break all barriers, resolve all complexes and engulf husband and wife in pure and divine joy. This sublime love is possible. But if it is nipped in the bud, if it is stifled, if it is poisoned, what will grow out of it? How can it flower into a rose of supreme love?

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