Rajesh Ramdev Ram
  • Employee: Employees earn income by working for other people. Most individuals are in this area. One work for a company and trade his time for money. If one wants to earn more money, one must work more hours. Another option is to work for another company that pays better. And If you don’t work, you don’t make any money.
  • Self-employed worker: Self-employed people earn income by working for themselves – they own their jobs. This quadrant includes Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants etc.etc. Highly specialized individuals that are paid hourly rates. The disadvantage is if they fall sick then their income stops.
  • Business owner: Business owners earn income from the businesses they own. They have others who work for them as their employees. They aren’t selling time for money, but rather selling a product or service. They are employment creators for society. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. A fruit seller or the Maruti Suzuki: both are examples of businesses but of different sizes.
  • Investor: Investors earn income from their investments – from money generating more money.