Rajesh Ramdev Ram

What I am…

I am RRR (Rajesh Ramdev Ram). He is a new man, a new humanity, a new concept of being in the world.

The new man is a mystic, a poet, a scientist, all together. He doesn’t look at life through old rotten divisions. He is a mystic, because he feels the presence of god. He is a poet, because he celebrates the presence of god. And he is a scientist, because he searches into this presence through scientific methodology. When a man is all these three together, the man is whole.  RRR is a holy man.

The old man was repressive, aggressive. The old man was bound to be aggressive because repression always brings aggression. The new man will be spontaneous, creative. The old man lived through ideologies. The new man will live not through ideologies, not through moralities, but through consciousness. The new man will live through awareness. The new man will be responsible ― responsible to himself and to existence. The new man will not be moral in the old sense; he will be amoral. The new man is open and honest. He is transparently real, authentic and self-disclosing. He will not be a hypocrite. He will not live through goals: he will live here now. He will know only one time, now, and only one space, here. And through that presence he will know what god is.

A new man means more conscious, more loving, and more creative. This whole process is possible through being more meditative. Become more meditative, silent, still. Experience yourself deeply. In that experience, a fragrance will be released through you. And if many people become meditators, the earth can be full of a new perfume. The new man has to be universal. He will transcend all barriers of race, religion, sex, color. The new man will not be of the East or of the West; the new man will claim the whole earth as his home. The new man has to live a rich life outwards and a rich life inwards; there is no need to choose. The inner life is not against the outer life; they are part of one rhythm. We need not be poor on the outside just to be rich in the inside. And we need not be rich on the outside and drop being rich in the inside. That’s how it has been up to now – the West has chosen one way: Be rich on the outside! The East has chosen another: Be rich on the inside! Both are lopsided. Both have suffered, both are suffering.

We should live life with total richness. Be rich on the outside through science & entertainment and be rich in our innermost core through love & enlightenment. And that’s what will make us one, organic, individuals.

Entertainment 2 Enlightenment is a my life style – RRR

Who I am…


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