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“A Man Is Frustrated Because He Is Conceived In Frustration.”

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mankind’s biggest drawback has been its disinclination even to take the first step. And it aspires to reach the last! A man despises the first rung and yet is ambitious to grasp the top rung of the ladder; he has no experience of the light of a candle and yet he wants to claim the splendor of the sun! This is impossible. We have to learn to comprehend the dim light of a candle, which lives for a while and is immediately quelled by a gentle breeze, in order to grasp the meaning of the sun. To arouse the craving, the desire, the restlessness for the last step, the urge to reach the sun, the first step must be initiated correctly. A proper appreciation for light music can pave the way for the eternal music; the experience of a dim candle can lead us to the infinite light; knowing a drop is a prelude to knowing the ocean.

Knowledge of the atom can reveal the mystery of all the material forces, of the forces of matter, and yet nature has endowed us with a small atom of sex, but we do not recognize it at all. We do not even acknowledge it fully. This is because we neither have the clarity of mind nor the sense of mystery to recognize it, to understand it or to experience it. And so, we are tremendously far from understanding that process that can lead us from sex to samadhi. As soon as man understands and reveres this process of transcendence, he will usher in a new and higher order of society.

Man and woman are two different poles, the positive and the negative poles of energy. A right meeting of those two poles completes a circuit and produces a kind of electricity. And direct knowledge of this electricity is possible if the period of coitus when you are in deep and full surrender to each other can stay for a longer time. If it can be prolonged for an hour, a high charge producing a halo of electricity will evolve by itself; if the body currents are in a full and total embrace, one can even see a patch of light in the darkness. A couple experiencing this electrical current of energy is drinking life’s fullest cup.

But we are unaware of this phenomenon. We find such talk very strange because we don’t believe in what we haven’t experienced, because this is outside the realm of ordinary experience. But I say, if you haven’t encountered this experience, you should think about it and try again. You should review your life, especially the chapter on sex, from ABC. Sex should not only be an instrument of pleasure; it should also be a means of spiritual elevation. Sex is a logical process. I do not think the birth of Christ or of Mahavir or of Buddha was accidental; each birth was the fruit of the fullest union of two people. The deeper the union, the better the offspring; the shallower the meeting, the worse the offspring. But today, the caliber of mankind is sinking lower and lower. Some people blame it on the deterioration of moral standards, while others attribute it to the effects of Kaliyuga, the predestined era of chaos, but all these assumptions are false and worthless.

The deterioration in man is only due to the crassness of our attitude to sex, in theory as well as in practice. Sex has lost its original sacredness. The original sense of reverence man had for sex has been tarnished. Sex has degenerated into a mechanical nightmare.  And this attitude to sex betrays subtle violence, in the strict sense of the term. Sex is no longer an experience of love. Sex is no longer a vehicle to sacredness. Sex is no longer a meditative act. And because of this, mankind is falling steadily into an abyss.

The result of anything we do depends on the mental attitude with which we do it. If a drunken sculptor is making a statue, do you expect him to create a beautiful work of art? If a ballerina is dancing, do you expect a scintillating performance from her if she is disturbed, angry or filled with sorrow? Similarly, our approach to sex has been wrong.

Sex is the most neglected affair in our lives. Isn’t it a tremendous mistake that the phenomenon on which the procreation of life depends, on which new children depend, on which new souls entering this world depend, is the most neglected? You are probably not aware that the climax in coitus creates a situation into which a soul descends, and a new life is thereby conceived. You only create the circumstance; when the necessary and appropriate condition for a particular soul is fulfilled, that the soul is born. The quality of the soul has a direct bearing on the circumstances. The infant conceived in anger, guilt or anxiety is afflicted from birth.

The standard of our progeny can be improved, but to conceive a higher soul the circumstances must also be of a higher quality. Only then can superior souls be born; only then can the standard of humanity be ultimately raised. That is why  I say that when a man has become acquainted with the science of sex,  with the art of sex,  when he is able to impart this knowledge to young and old alike, we will be able to provide the circumstances that will give birth to what Aurobindo and Nietzsche have called Superman. Such a posterity can be sired! Such a world can be created! But before then, there can be no progress; before then, there can be no peace in the world; before then, wars cannot be prevented, hatred cannot be abolished, immorality cannot be cured, evil cannot be eradicated, debauchery cannot be uprooted and the present darkness cannot be wiped away.

Even if we press all the modern conveniences and innovations into service; even if politicians, sociologists, and religious leaders do their utmost, wars will not cease, tensions will not ease, and violence and jealousy will not disappear. For the last ten thousand years, the apostles, the messiahs, and the leaders have preached against war, against violence, against anger and so forth – but nobody has listened. On the contrary, we murdered a man who preached the gospel of love, who tried to teach us not to be violent, who showed us a spiritual path. Gandhi taught us to practice non-violence, to refine our souls, to live in harmony together, and we rewarded him with bullets. That is how we expressed our gratitude for his noble services.

All of humanity’s apostles, both past and present, have been unsuccessful. They have failed.  None of the ideals and values envisioned and promoted by them have borne fruit.  None of them has been able to offer a practical panacea; all of their high-sounding ideals have failed.  Greater than the greatest, more golden than the most golden – all have fallen short. They have come, they have preached, and they have passed away.  And man is still groping in the dark, still sinking deeper into a kind of hell on earth. Does this not prove there has been some basic misconception in their teachings and in what they have preached?

A man is frustrated because he is conceived in frustration.  He carries the germ of frustration from the very beginning; his very soul is diseased. This disease, this cancer of misery and sorrow, is rooted in the depths of his soul. His entire being is formed the moment he is conceived, and so Buddhas will fail, Mahavirs will fail, Christs will fail, Krishnas will fail. They have all failed already.

We may not admit it openly, out of a sense of decency or politeness, but mankind is becoming more and more inhuman day by day. In spite of so much talk about non-violence, love, and tolerance, we have only bettered ourselves by advancing to the cobalt bomb from the simple dagger. I am told that we killed about thirty million people during the first world war – and after the armistice, we talked about peace and love. In the second world war, we killed seventy-five million people – and afterward, we began negotiating for peace and co-existence once again. From Bertrand Russell to Vinoba, everyone cries that peace should be maintained, and yet we are preparing for a third great war. And in comparison, this war will make the previous ones seem like children at play.

Somebody once asked Einstein what might happen in a third world war. Einstein said he could foretell nothing about the third war, but that he could predict something about the fourth world war. Surprised, the questioner asked how, if Einstein could not say anything about the third world war, he could predict anything about the fourth. Einstein replied that one thing was certain about the fourth world war, and that was that there would be no fourth world war because there was no possibility anyone would survive the third.

This is the fruit of humanity’s moral and religious teachings, but the cause lies elsewhere and is urgently in need of revision. Unless and until we succeed in bringing harmony to the act of sex, in imparting a spiritual syntax to sex, in coming to revere sex as the gateway to samadhi, better humanity cannot come into being. Unless this happens, it is a certainty that humanity to come will be worse than the worst, because today’s inferior children will go through sex and will produce children worse than themselves.  The quality of each new generation will be worse and worse; this at least can be prophesied. But we have already reached such a low level that there is, most likely, no further to descend. The whole world has nearly become a huge asylum already.

From statistics they have compiled, American psychiatrists have deduced that only eighteen percent of the population of New York City can be said to be mentally normal. If only eighteen percent are mentally normal, then what is the condition of the remaining eighty-two percent?  They are in a state of virtual disintegration. And you yourself will be surprised to learn the amount of madness hidden inside you if you were just to sit quietly in a corner and reflect upon yourselves for a moment. How you control and suppress your madness is quite another matter, however. A slight emotional setback and any man can become a full-fledged maniac.

It is quite probable that in a hundred years’ time the entire world will become one enormous madhouse. Of course, on the one hand, there will be many advantages:  we won’t need treatment for insanity; we won’t need psychiatrists to treat neurotics.  Nobody will feel he is mad because the first symptom of a madman is that he will never admit he is mad. This sickness is ever on the increase. This ailment, this mental anguish, this mental darkness, is ever on the rise. New humanity can never be produced unless sex is sublimated unless the sexual act becomes divine.

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