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Sex Is No Longer A Meditative Act

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
mankind’s biggest drawback has been its disinclination even to take the first step. And it aspires to reach the last! A man despises the first...

God Exists in The Act of Creation

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
One who has had a glimpse of samadhi in sex, however fleeting, will immediately know the difference between inside and outside, between freedom and imprisonment....

To Be Loving Is The Nature Of Life

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
Do you think a man can love one person and hate another at the same time?  No, it is impossible.   A loving man, even when...

Grow to The Fullness of Love

Rajesh Ramdev Ram
Children should be taught love from infancy. The common fear is that teaching love will lead man into the labyrinths of sex. But this fear...