By And By, You Will Become ONE Person, One Soul, And That Is A Great Experience!

Tantra says: Be a bee – be free! Tantra is not saying that if you love a woman then don’t be together with her – be together with her! – but the commitment is towards love, not towards the woman; the commitment is towards love, not towards the man. This is a BASIC difference: you are committed to love! you are committed to happiness! When love is disappearing, when happiness is gone, then say thank you and move.

And such should be the case with everything in your life. If you are a doctor and you are bored with your job, then you should be capable of dropping it any moment – whatsoever the cost. With risk, life becomes adventure. But you think, ”Now I am forty, forty-five, and how can I drop out of the job? And it is going very well financially… ” but spiritually, psychologically, you are dying! You are slowly committing suicide. Then it is perfectly okay: if you want to destroy yourself and save the bank-balance, then it is perfectly okay. But the moment you feel that the job is no more a satisfying job, DROP out of it! This is the Tantra revolution. The moment you see that something is no more appealing, has lost the quality of allurement, of enchantment, is no more magnetic, then don’t cling to it, then say, ”I am sorry.” Then feel grateful for the past, for all that has happened through the person, through the job, through anything! but remain open in the future. This is the meaning of being a bee. And Saraha says: Only the bee knows that each flower is full of honey.

But I am not saying go to the opposite extreme – there are people who can go to the opposite extreme. And man is so stupid…. Just the other day I was reading about a commune in Germany: Action Analysis Commune. Now, there is a rule in their commune that you cannot sleep with the same woman two nights together. Now, this is again foolish. It seems man is such an idiot that you cannot help him. If you sleep two nights consecutively with one woman, the commune throws you out.

Tantra says: Just in the middle is the way. Be in that place, be with that person, be in that job, where you are enjoying otherwise change. If you can enjoy one woman for your whole life, it is beautiful, it is tremendously beautiful. You are fortunate, because then intimacy will grow, your roots will go into each other, your beings will become intertwined. By and by, you will become ONE person, one soul, and that is a great experience! The highest peak of Tantra will be known through it. But this is not family – this is love affair. You have gone into the very depth of love. -osho

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