That’s Why Jesus Says: Until You are Reborn, You Will not Know it. A New Man Will Know It.

Do any action totally and you are free of it, and you don’t look back. And the real man never looks back – because there is nothing to see. He has no hangovers. He simply goes ahead. His eyes are clear of the past, his vision is not clouded. In THAT clarity one comes to know what reality is. You are so much worried with all your incomplete actions – you are like a junkyard. One thing is incomplete here, another thing is incomplete there – nothing is complete. Have you watched it? Have you ever completed anything? or is everything just incomplete? And you go on pushing aside one thing and you start another thing, and before it is complete you start another. You become more and more burdened – this is what karma is, Karma means incomplete action. Be total… and you will be free.

The woman was totally absorbed. That’s why she was looking so luminous, she was looking so beautiful. She was an ordinary woman, but the beauty was not of this earth. The beauty came because of total absorption. The beauty came because she was not an extremist. The beauty came because she was in the middle, balanced. Out of balance is grace. For the first time Saraha encountered a woman who was not just physically beautiful, who was spiritually beautiful. Naturally, he was surrendered. The surrender happened. Absorbed totally, absorbed in whatsoever she was doing, he understood for the first time: this is what meditation is. Not that you sit for a special period and repeat a mantra, not that you go to the church or to the temple or to the mosque, but to be in life – to go on doing trivial things, but with such absorption that the profundity is revealed in every action. He understood what meditation is for the first time. He had been meditating, he had been struggling hard, but for the first time meditation was there, alive. He could feel it. He could have touched it. It was almost tangible. And then he remembered that closing one eye, opening the other, is a symbol, a Buddhist symbol.

Buddha says… psychologists will agree with him now; after two thousand five hundred years psychology has come to that point where Buddha was so long before. Buddha says half the mind reasons and half the mind intuits. The mind is divided in two parts, in two hemispheres. The left side hemisphere is the faculty of reason, logic, discursive thought, analysis, philosophy, theology… words and words and words and arguments and syllogisms and inferences. The left-side mind is Aristotelian. The right-side mind is intuitive, poetic – inspiration, vision, a priori consciousness, a priori awareness. Not that you argue – you simply come to know. Not that you infer – you simply realize. That is the meaning of ’a priori awareness’: it is simply there. The truth is known by the right-side mind; truth is inferred by the left-side mind. Inference is just inference, it is not experience

Suddenly he realized that the woman had closed one eye: she had closed one eye as symbolic of closing the eye of reason, logic. And she had opened the other eye symbolic of love, intuition, awareness. And then he remembered the posture. Aiming at the unknown invisible, we are on the journey to know the unknown – to know that which cannot be known. That is real knowledge: to know that which cannot be known, to realize that which is unrealizable, to attain that which cannot be attained. This impossible passion is what makes a man a religious seeker. Yes, it is impossible. By ’impossible’ I don’t mean that it will not happen; by ’impossible’ I mean that it cannot happen unless you are utterly transformed.

As you are it cannot happen, but there are different ways of being. And you can be totally a new man… then it happens. It is possible for a different kind of man. That’s why Jesus says: Until you are reborn, you will not know it. A new man will know it. You come to me. YOU will not know it. I will have to kill you, I will have to be drastically dangerous to you… you will have to disappear. And the new man is born, a new consciousness comes in – because there is something indestructible in you, which cannot be destroyed; nobody can destroy it.

Only the destructible will be destroyed and the indestructible will be there. When you attain to that indestructible element in your being, to that eternal awareness in your being, you are a new man, a new consciousness. Through that the impossible is possible, the unattainable is attained. So he remembered the posture. Aiming at the unknown, the invisible, the unknowable, the one – that is the aim. How to be one with existence? The nondual is the aim, where subject and object are lost, where I and thou are lost.

There is a very famous book, and a great book, of Martin Buber, I AND THOU. Martin Buber says the experience of prayer is an I-thou experience – he is right. The experience of prayer is an l-thou experience: God is the ’thou’, you remain an ’I’, and you have a dialogue, a communion with the thou. But Buddhism has no prayer in it, and Buddhism goes higher.

Buddhism says: Even if there is an I-thou relationship, you remain divided, you remain separate. You can shout at each other, but there will be no communion. The communion happens only when the I-thou division is no more; when subject and object disappear; where there is no I and no thou, no seeker and no sought… when there is unity, unison. Realizing this, seeing into this woman’s actions, and recognizing the truth, the woman called him’Saraha’. His name was Rahul; the woman called him Saraha.’Saraha’ is a beautiful word. It means he who has shot the arrow’;’sara’ means’ arrow’,’ha(n)’ means’ have shot’.’Saraha’ means one who has shot the arrow’. The moment he recognized the significance of the woman’s actions, those symbolic gestures, the moment he could read and decode what the woman was trying to give, what the woman was trying to show, the woman was tremendously happy. She danced and called him ’Saraha’, and said, ”Now, from today, you will be called Saraha: you have shot the arrow. Understanding the significance of my actions, you have penetrated.”

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