70% of Your Diseases Can be Changed by Changing the Mind.

People can be helped with diseases, because almost seventy per cent of diseases are mental. They may be expressed through the body, but their origin is in the mind. And if you can install in the mind the idea that the disease has disappeared, that you need not worry about it, it does not exist anymore, the disease will disappear. The mind has tremendous power over your body. The mind directs everything in your body. Seventy per cent of your diseases can be changed by changing the mind, because they start from there; only thirty per cent of diseases start from the body.

You fall down, and you have a fracture — now, that fracture cannot be helped by hypnosis saying that you don’t have any fracture. You will still have the fracture. The fracture has started from the body and the body cannot be hypnotized. The body has its own way of functioning. But if the process starts from the mind and extends to some point in the body, then it can be easily changed.

Religions have exploited it. There are many religions in India — Muslims do it, Tibetans do it, Burmese do it… dancing in the fire without being burned. But these are not ordinary people, they are monks for Years they have been hypnotized, and this thing has settled in their unconscious — that fire cannot burn them. But remember, only seventy per cent… And that reminds me of a strange phenomenon that physiologists, medical people, and others who are concerned with man’s body, are disturbed about it and have no answer…

Allopathy succeeds only in seventy per cent of cases; homeopathy succeeds only in seventy per cent of cases; ayurvedic medicine succeeds only in seventy per cent of cases; Greek medicine succeeds only in seventy per cent of cases; Tibetan medicine succeeds only in seventy per cent of cases; Chinese acupuncture succeeds only in seventy per cent of cases — all the methods for curing the body succeed only in seventy per cent of cases. This is a very strange coincidence. Looked at from the outside it is a mystery.

Homeopathy has nothing in it — just small sugar pills — but it succeeds and succeeds to the same percentage. The only factor is: it succeeds if the person believes in homeopathy. The only difference in allopathy is that you need not believe in it and still it succeeds. Naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda — their basic need is that you should believe.

It’s The young man said, “Now he believes he is dead, so we had to take him to the graveyard. We tried to shake him and shouted, `Don’t believe such a thing. You are a Christian Scientist. Believe that you are alive!’ But nothing happened and the whole neighborhood laughed. Now the poor man is in a grave, still believing that he is dead.” The body does not have beliefs or disbeliefs, but the mind has. And the mind has immense control over the body.

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