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To Be Loving Is The Nature Of Life

Do you think a man can love one person and hate another at the same time?  No, it is impossible.   A loving man, even when he is alone, is full of love because love is his nature; it has nothing to do with your relationship to him. An angry man is angry even when he is alone; a man full of hate hates even when he is alone. Observe such a man when he is alone and you will feel his anger even though he may not be showing his anger to anyone in particular at the time. His whole being simply overflows with hate, with anger. Conversely, if you see a love-filled man, you can feel him brimming over with love even when he is alone.

Flowers blooming in the jungle spread their fragrance whether there is anyone there to appreciate it or not, whether anyone is passing by or not. To be fragrant is a flower’s nature. Do not be under the illusion that a flower emits its fragrance just for you! People should simply be full of love; it should not depend on ”with whom.” But the lover wants the beloved to love only him, to love no one else. ”Love me alone,” he says, but he does not know that those who cannot love all cannot love one. The wife says her husband should love only her and not show affection to anybody else, but she does not realize that such love is false and that she has caused it to be so. How can a husband who is not always full of love for everybody be loving towards his wife?

To be loving is the nature of life. One cannot be full of love for one person and devoid of love for everyone else. But mankind hasn’t been able to see this simple truth. The father asks the child to love him, but has he ever taught the child to love the old servant in the house? Isn’t he a man too? The servant may be old, but he may also be someone’s father. No, he is just a servant, and so there is no question of being courteous or loving towards him.  But this father does not realize that when he has grown old he will complain when his sons do not show him any affection.  His sons could have grown into men filled with love had they been taught to love all. And then they would have revered their old father as well.

Love is not a relationship, love is a state of mind. It is an essential component of a man’s personality. Therefore, the second stage in the teaching of love is to teach the child to love all. If a child does not even replace a book properly, his attention should be drawn to the fact that it is unseemly to replace the book that way.  He should be made aware of what people will think of him if he treats the book in that fashion. If you have behaved brutally, even to your dog, it indicates a shortcoming in your personality; it is proof that you are devoid of love. And one who is not full of love is not a man at all.

It is imperative to have a heart full of love. A loving attitude is what we all should have.

Humanness is only born in a man when he has a loving heart.   And with a loving heart comes a feeling of deep contentment, deep and delightful contentment. Have you never noticed, after you’ve shown a little love to someone, that a great wave of contentment, a great thrill of joy pervades your entire being? Have you never realized that the most serene moments of contentment were those which came in moments of unconditional love? Pure love can only survive if it is not adulterated by conditions; a conditional love is not loved. Have you never had a feeling of contentment after having smiled at a stranger in the street? Didn’t a breeze of peace follow it? There is no limit to the wave of tranquil joy you will feel when you lift a fallen man when you support a fallen person when you present a sick man with flowers – but not when you do it because he is your father or because she is your mother. No, the person may not be anyone in particular to you, but simply to give a gift is itself a great reward, a great pleasure.

Love should well up inside you – love for plants, love for human beings, love for strangers, love for foreigners, love for those on their way toward the moon and the stars. Your love should be ever on the increase.

The possibility of sex in a man’s life lessens as love increases within him.  Love and meditation will open that door which is the door to God. Together, love and meditation touch God, and then celibacy flowers in a man’s life. Then the entire life-force ascends through a new passage. Then it does not leak out gradually; then it never recedes.  The energy rises upwards from within;  it rises on its voyage to heaven. Our journey, at present, is towards the lower levels. By nature, the energy only flows downward, into sex, but celibacy is the upward journey. And love and meditation are the basic ingredients of celibacy.

Today  I spoke to you of two things:  love and meditation.   I told you that training should begin at the infant stage, but you should not infer from this that since you are not children any more nothing remains for you to do.  In that case, my labors go to waste.  Whatsoever your age, this good work can be begun any day. Although it becomes harder with the advent of age, the journey on this path can be undertaken at any time of life. It is better to begin this journey in childhood, but it is good to undertake it at any stage in life. You can begin today. Older people who are willing to learn,  who have an aptitude for learning, are still children even if they are old in years. They, as well, can start afresh; they, as well, can learn,  if they haven’t taken for granted that they already know everything or that they have already achieved everything desirable.

Gautam Buddha had a disciple who had been a devotee for many years, and one day Buddha asked him, ”Monk, what is your age?”

The monk replied, ”Five.”

Buddha was surprised. ”Five years old? You look at least seventy. What kind of answer is this?”

The monk replied, ”I say this because the ray of meditation entered my life five years ago,  and only in the last five years has love showered in my life. Before that, my life was like a dream; I existed in sleep. When counting my age I do not consider those years. How can I? My real life only began five years ago. I am only five.”

Buddha told all his disciples to note the monk’s answer well.

You should all count your ages in this manner; this is the standard for calculating age. If love and meditation are not yet born in you, your life, up to now, is negated; you are not born yet. But it is never so late that you cannot start trying. We should all strive for a higher life. And for that, it is never too late. So do not conclude from my words, because you have passed through childhood, that this talk is meant for future generations only. At no time has any man gone so far on the wrong path that he cannot return to the right one; no man has become so wayward that he cannot benefit from the true light.

Comparatively speaking, this journey does not require many endeavors. The returns in accomplishment and satisfaction at the dawn of enlightenment are much greater than any efforts you have made. The mere glimpse of that ray of light, of that joy,  of that truth, gives us the feeling we have achieved such a lot with such little effort; it shows us we have attained the invaluable with very insignificant efforts indeed. – OSHO

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