In The Beginning When God Created The World, He Used To Live On The Empty Road.

IN THE BEGINNING WHEN GOD CREATED THE WORLD, he used to live on the empty road. But then he became tired because people were continuously nagging him. In the middle of the night, the phone will start ringing… and complaints: “And why you have not done this? And why you have done that? What is the reason of it?”

Naturally, he got tired.

So he asked his counselors, “Help me. I would like to go somewhere and hide from people.” He confessed that in creating man, “I have created my greatest mistake.”

Do you know that since then he has not created anything else? He is still repenting. That was his last creation. HE BECAME SO AFRAID OF MAN THAT HE STOPPED BEING A CREATOR.

They suggested, “You can go to the Himalayas, nobody will come there.”

He said, “You don’t know. Just within a few seconds…” — and millions of light-years are just a few seconds for God. To one who lives in eternity, a different time scale exists, and millions of light-years are just moments. He said, “A man will reach there and another, and they will reach on the Everest and they will find me. And once they have found me, people will start coming… so that won’t help.”

Somebody suggested, “Then why don’t you go to the moon?” He said, “Just not even few seconds more and people will reach there. They are going to reach everywhere!”

Then an old adviser came close to him, whispered something in his ear. And he was very happy, and he said, “This is the right thing to do!” The man had whispered, “My suggestion is: WHY DON’T YOU HIDE IN MAN HIMSELF? There he will never go! He will go to the mountains, he will go to the Everest, he will go to the moon and to the Mars, he will go to the planets and stars, he will go everywhere. One thing that he will never suspect is that you will be hiding in his own soul.”

God agreed, and since then he has been hiding in you!

AND YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR HIM on the Everest, on the moon, on the stars, in the scriptures, in the temples, in the mosques, in the churches. GO ON SEARCHING AND YOU WILL NOT FIND HIM. A seeker never finds. Seeking is a sure way of missing.

THEN WHO FINDS HIM? One who relaxes, one who drops all seeking, just dives deep into one’s own being — sits there silently, starts moving towards the bottom, to the very ground of one’s own being.

SITTING IN YOUR DEEPEST CORE, YOU FIND HIM. There is no need to go anywhere.

He is not out there. HE IS YOUR INNERMOST CORE. He is the beat of your heart and the vitality of your breath and the redness of your blood. He is the pulsation of your being. – OSHO

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